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I use my love for nature and growing interests in photography as an opportunity to bridge the environmental learning gap for culturally diverse families who are curious and ready to use nature as a learning pad! 
Through my work, I hope to spark appreciation and awareness for the natural world and how it can improve the overall health and learning experience of children growing up in today’s digital age.


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Vanessa Miot Turns to South Florida Parks in Pursuit of Bird Photography


While zooming in on South Florida's bird diversity, Miot connects her children with the natural world.


Our Bookshelf

Build your child's nature library.

Browse through my favorite nature-themed stories that include diverse characters that will plant seeds of knowledge about the natural world. 
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See You Outside.

The tropical climate of South Florida is home to many unique fauna and flora. Whether they are invasive, native, or passing through on their way to their winter homes, there is always something interesting to see.

Bursting with color and information, this collection of photographs highlight my adventures and captures the beauty and variety of wildlife found within local neighborhood parks throughout South Florida.

"A Look Inside South Florida Parks" can now be checked out from the Miami-Dade Public Library System.


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I'll share solutions to current challenges I'm facing, some of my favorite things and new ideas.

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