The Story.


I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida. Raised with a younger sister to an English born Jamaican mother and Nevisian father.

Growing up in central Florida near the Gulf of Mexico I was fortunate enough to explore local beaches and parks and experience the beauty Central Florida held. The memories and lessons learned set the stage of gratitude, continued curiosity and responsibility for nature as an adult.  

Years later motherhood reintroduced me to nature in a way that I've never took the time to know before. To be honest it was my escape, a way for the attention to be off of me. I had no idea what I was doing and our walks served as an opportunity for me to organize my thoughts and my daughters attention be on something other than me. We both needed it. My daughter was amazed by everything, so much so that I want to say her first word was either "leaf" or "tree"!


Slowing down with her and looking at nature through a child's eyes sparked something. The researcher in me went down a rabbit hole of learning seeking I could about the mental and emotional benefits between children and nature. I was forever changed.I soon became an environmental educator strengthening the relationship youth have with nature as well as active in various environmental organizations within my community.

Two years later, while pregnant with my son, I had the strong desire to start documenting all the beautiful and amazing things I came across on our adventures. Photography, sketching and watercolor painting, has successfully satisfied this.

It is through the many rabbit holes traveled Good Natured Roots came to be. For families who wish to wander outside with their little ones.  

Thank you for taking us along with you.


See you outside!