Toddler Flower Arrangement

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Glad I had this activity planned for today, because it looks like it may be a rainy one- the morning at least. So I brought the outdoors indoors!

Flowers, their friends and floral arrangements!!

When we’re out on walks I encourage our little one to observe and not pick the flowers because, “the insects need them”. She has it down for the most part, but to allow her the opportunity to manipulate a simple bouquet I picked up from the store was a treat.

Our little toddler has entered a new stage, which honestly ushered me into a free fall which I did not like one bit. To combat that I’m now doing my best to be more disciplined in planning and intentional with some of our activities. At this age it’s all about play, but for them play is learning! Setting up the activity before she wakes was my second step- after planning, which provides an element of wonder and excitement as she enters the room.

By allowing her to create her own flower arrangements is not only fun, toddler with scissors? Party right!?!? But it also allows her to practice may other skills and contribute her piece of beauty to our home that she can admire and be proud of.


  • Bouquet of flowers from local floral stand or grocer

  • Small glass vases (preferably a size perfect for the child’s hands)

  • Scissors (sharp enough to cut flower stems- adult supervision advised)

  • Water in small container (a manageable size for child to pour)

  • Visual board containing image of parts of the plant, pictures of plants, insects that need plants.

  • Books about flowers, butterflies, bees, etc.

  • Play Dough/ Nature Dough


  • Gather materials

  • Set out materials on child play table (vases, water container, flowers, optional: visual board)


  • Counting

  • Concentration/ focus

  • Fine Motor

  • Water pouring/ transfer

Additional Activities:

  • Watch a youtube video about insects and flowers, take them outside and see which insects they can find on the flowers near their home.

  • Make flowers with playdough/ nature dough

  • Read books about flowers, butterflies and bees

  • Count the flowers

  • Identify the colors of the flowers

  • Create a visual board for child to refer to, pointing out the parts of the flower and identify the letters in the words.

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