The Best Childhood Ever

Overall Health

Multiple studies have shown that time spent in green open spaces has positive effects on heart disease, blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, and obesity. Not only that but being exposed to nature improves mental health, anxiety, reduces stress, and the expression of behavior disorders in adults and children. 


Personal Development

Green and open spaces, compared to man made structures such as metal and plastic playgrounds, have been found to encourage collaborative and imaginative play.

Academic Learning

One rock, two rocks, three rocks, four. Natural elements can be manipulated and used in so many ways. May be for practicing counting skills, using a tree as a muse for a poem, exploring colors when painting a butterfly or understanding 

Environmental Stewardship

Once they care they will follow. Exposing children at an early age has been proven to increase the likelihood that they will have a stronger connection to their local environment and be inclined to see that it is taken care of. 

Further Reading: Richard Louv, author of the book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder